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A Life Changing Partnership: She for She

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Miss Uganda 2020/2021, Wells of Life and She for She come together to provide young girls with sustainable menstrual kits and long lasting education.

Through her social work,

Bagaya’s ultimate goal is to

empower women and young girls to create a safe space for their goals and aspirations.


Elizabeth Bagaya partnered with Wells of Life and She for She to further her advocacy for female hygiene and to minimize the stigmatization behind

menstruation. It was the perfect time to perform the groundwork to end the misinformation about menstruation. Ever since the pandemic has affected everyone in so many different ways, women in Uganda were lacking necessities even more, such as menstrual products.

Wells of Life partnered with the Menstrual Hygiene Management Program (also referred to as “She for She”) in coincidence with the organization's Healthy Village Program efforts. This

partnership provides a well-rounded education to young girls about their menstrual cycle and how to care for themselves during their periods. Wells of Life also created an education program for males to reduce the bullying rate girls encounter due to their menstrual cycles.

Before, many girls would miss school because of the absence of menstrual products such as pads, and even lacked basic knowledge about menstruation. Every three and a half weeks, girls miss on average about three days of school because of their menstrual cycles. With the lack of pads, sanitation, and menstrual knowledge, girls were often bullied because of their periods. Now, girls such as Namyalo Sandra, a 14-year-old from Mityana village, can continue their daily activities even if they are menstruating.

“This is so relieving... now we don’t have to miss classes because of our periods,” said Namyalo Sandra.

With the help of Elizabeth Bagaya and the Menstrual Hygiene Management Program

partnership, many young girls in Mityana are now equipped with the knowledge and products to end the stigmatization behind menstruation.

“With the She for She menstrual kits [Wells of Life] [has] donated

to these young girls, [they] have given them something they were not able to afford,” says Bagaya.

The collaboration between Elizabeth Bagaya, Wells of Life, and She for She, has given many girls in Uganda the confidence to unapologetically be themselves and understand that their hopes and dreams matter to us all. With a solid team effort, these girls are ready to end the stigmatization behind menstrual cycles, spread awareness for women's health, and actively work towards their educational goals.

With your donation, you are able to provide girls with reusable pads and menstrual hygiene education. Click this link to visit our partnership website to learn more about how you are able to help beyond donations.


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