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Operation Restoration Program Helps Restore Borehole Well in Kabyuma Village

Clean water improves daily life and provides joy for the residents in Ugandan village of Kabyuma

When well #R115 broke down in 2019, residents of Kabyuma village were left with no reliable water source close to their community. They would travel for over 3 miles in search of water from ponds and swamps. Given that this was their only source of water, residents and children got sick due to drinking the contaminated water. Water wells and their quality can deteriorate over time. At Wells of Life, it's our commitment to maintaining these wells.

Teopista Nassuna is a single mother who radiates the essence of a hardworking, strong, persevering individual. Her compassion for her family triumphs over all battles she may endure. She bears no expense in providing for them. "As a rural farmer, I used to get up early to walk for water after which I would then cultivate my garden, it would take me almost the entire day, and I often got home late. Everything I did was for my family. I always had to carry water from distant unprotected water sources like ponds along with my sister." shared Nassuna.

(Teopista pictured on the far left)

From here life only improved for the Residents of Kabyuma village. In 2021, Wells of Life, with the support of Mary Somers of Wexford, Ireland rehabilitated well #R115.

Nassuna shares her utmost gratitude, for once again she has the benefits of having a reliable water source in her community, it has improved her family's life. “Ever since the well was repaired, slowly we transitioned from uninhabited behaviors like wearing dirty clothes or poor hygiene gradually practicing good personal hygiene and sanitation that brought dignity and health to my family” Gratefully shared Nassuna.

The joy clean water provides is most rewarding. For Residents of Kabyuma village, this means more than anything. By bringing communities together through clean water we are marching towards transforming the lives of over 1 million people. Well, restoration is an important factor in maintaining clean, safe water for residents, and our mission is to uphold these standards.

"Now that we have clean water close by, we no longer have to walk long distances for water from ponds. I can cultivate and irrigate my garden throughout the year without having to depend on the weather seasons. I also have more time to spend with my children at home. I am very happy and grateful for what Wells of Life did for us as a community."Nassuna concluded.

Make an impact today! Give the gift of joy. The kind of joy that only clean water can bring.


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