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Why not be a water champion?

Water Warriors are a passionate and committed community of monthly givers on a mission to create sustainable communities through safe access to clean water. People like you, from more all over the world, giving what they can to transform the lives of those in need! Just $25/month can transform the lives of 50 children a year!

Join a Community of Water Champions

Since 2010, Wells of Life has provided clean and safe water for more than 1,000,000 people in Uganda! By committing your support for clean water, you give time, opportunity, education, and empowerment. When a community receives clean water, they are given the resources of health, hygiene, and time to create a more sustainable society.

How it Works

1. Sign up

Say yes to transforming lives monthly by signing up below. Choose how you can give monthly, and that's it!

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2. Auto Payments

Monthly payments are automatic so you can focus on your life while we turn your tax-deductible donations into impact.

3. Transform Lives

Add impact to your inbox and stay up to date on your impact by signing up for our newsletter!

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Sign up today, warrior.

Transform lives every month by joining our Water Warrior community. Subscribe to automatically donate monthly to bring clean and sustainable water to children in need!

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