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Healthy Village Program

Terms of Reference: HVP 2022 Endline Evaluation

Healthy Village Program

Healthy Village Program is also known as WASH. WASH is an acronym that stands for the interrelated areas of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Clean water, sanitation, and good hygiene practices are essential for survival. However, in rural Uganda, these elements of life are still not at hand’s reach for many children and families. Access to water, sanitation, and hygiene remain one of the biggest challenges in villages, schools, and health centers throughout the country.

COST: $8,000

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The Problem

We realized that while providing clean water we were performing life-saving and life-altering services, but there was still more we could do for our friends in rural Uganda. So, in 2019 we piloted our WASH program that we have since renamed our Healthy Village Program.


Our solution is to provide education and resources that encourage healthy sanitation and hygienic practices. The implementation of the Healthy Village Program takes approximately 6 months in order to educate the community on how to build and use latrines, ending Open Defecation and thus eliminating fecal contamination.


Greater than 75% of people in rural Uganda fail to wash their hands—accounting for at least 50% of all infant deaths due to diarrhea. In rural villages across Uganda, roughly two-thirds of all people still do not have access to safe water, and millions drink untreated and potentially contaminated water that can give rise to diarrhea, a major child killer, and deterioration of health in adults.


With your help, we can positively impact change to ensure that every household has its own latrine and that each village has access to not only clean water, but also sanitation stations and proper hygiene education.

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The Solution

At Wells of Life, we are committed to providing every child and family with a predictable, safe, and clean environment through the WASH Program.

Our program provides communities with the knowledge, tools, and resources to create a sustainable community. In 2023, we are following up on our WASH/Healthy Village Program with an aggressive goal of serving 40 villages in rural Uganda. Our strategy focuses on villages with existing schools to serve the needs of children and adults in the same communities.

Meet Team Uganda

Did you know Wells of Life has a permanent team in Uganda? Wells of Life learned early on that there was a benefit of employing a strong and successful team in Uganda.

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Program Overview

WASH in Village Communities

The extensive 6-month project in village communities includes in-depth training and education which is essential for the WASH program to flourish. People (adults and children) are taught the necessities for sanitation (largely the use of latrines) and hygiene (handwashing).


All village household members receive “hands-on” training for the construction of

(1) Personal latrines for each household

(2) Private bathing stations for women and girls

(3) Handwashing stations next to the latrines

(4) Dishwashing racks to prevent dishes from drying out on the dirty ground

(5) Training on how to maintain a clean household environment.

WASH in Schools

In addition to basic WASH training, schools will also receive:

(1) One large Handwashing Station with multiple spigots

(2) Reusable Sanitary Pads which are distributed to girls of age

(3) The formation of WASH Clubs for students, facilitated by teachers

(4) Parental and teacher training on Child Protection for the prevention of abuse.


People Served


300 Student per schools (average)

3,000 student per cluster of 10



Household / People

125 Households or 825 individuals (average)

1,250 Households or 8,250 individuals per cluster of 10

Total Costs:

$8,000 for Village and School

$3,000 per school

$5,000 per village


$75,000 for a Cluster of 10

(a $5,000 discount for the economy of scale)


Our Solution is Sustainable

The Healthy Village Program cannot be sustained if the training lasts only in a brief period. For that reason, our WASH Program is a 3-year project including a minimum of quarterly follow-ups on how the village is doing. Here at Wells of Life, we conduct a very thorough Baseline and Endline Study within the first year in order to identify program successes and improvements needed as a means to measure the efficacy of our WASH protocols. Our program leaders provide a comprehensive 40-page report that is drafted for anyone to read in addition to including updates and accomplishments within the Wells of Life annual summary report.

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When you give Clean Water you give Time, Opportunity, Education, and Empowerment. 

When a community receives clean water, they are given the resources of health, hygiene, and time to create a more sustainable society.

COST: $8,000

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