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Wells of Life Ireland

Wells of Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization whose mission is to provide rural Ugandans access to safe, clean water through the installation or restoration of sustainable borehole water wells and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) educational programs. 


There are two options in relation to supplying water to a community: a restoration well or a new borehole well. A well can be donated with a single donation of $8,000 or €7000 or by crowd-funding your well with your family, friends, school, church or business. A donation of  $4000 or €3500 will restore a previously abandoned, non-functional well to full and safe functionality. These wells were not drilled by Wells of Life, but rather by the national government or other NGOs, some of them as long as a decade ago. ​

All of these wells will benefit a community of up to 1,000 people and prevent water-borne illnesses for years to come!

Meet Your Ireland Team

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Aidan Jordan

Director of Operations

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Martin Kennedy



James Jordan
 Ireland Social Media Manager


John Hume Well

Upon hearing of the passing of the Nobel Laureate John Hume, our Wells of Life Ireland team came together to fund a Peace Well dedicated to honor the life of this incredible humanitarian. Using the GoFundMe platform, the Ireland team raised the funds in time to announce this well on Patriot’s Day. Below is the press release and notable recognition that was received.

"John Hume was a towering figure. He was indefatigable in his pursuit of peace and his commitment to reconciliation on our island. He is revered in the United States, as he is in Ireland and across the world. Today, as we pause to remember 9/11, I commend Wells of Life for celebrating John's legacy with a namesake well that will serve generations of young Ugandans" 

- Daniel Mulhall, Ireland's Ambassador to the United States.

Operation Restoration

Did you know there are thousands of forgotten wells in Uganda? With your help, we can restore all of them! As of December 2023, we have restored more than 350 forgotten wells.​ Like a car, wells require regular maintenance, which is why Wells of Life makes it a priority to restore older wells, no matter who drilled them. 


In addition to a rehabilitated well, the community is also educated on how to maintain a fundraising process dedicated to well repair, and how to contact Wells of Life or a pump mechanic to ensure the rehabilitated well is restored within days!

These wells were not drilled by Wells of Life, but rather by the national government or other NGOs, some of them as long as a decade ago. ​ Our wells are routinely surveyed and maintained to ensure their longevity.


We Drill Wells

On a trip to Uganda, a Wells of Life representative asked more than 100 villagers if they have ever been sick with diarrhea or some other water-borne disease. Every single person raised his or her hand in response. Shocked with sadness by the obviously apparent and prevalent need, Wells of Life is in the business of saving lives and providing quality of life to hundreds of thousands of Ugandans.


The need boggles the mind: The World Health Organization has projected that by 2025 half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Our desire is to make a mark by impacting the need for clean water.

Your Financial Assistance for Access to Clean Water has:


  • Provided up to 25,000 people in rural Uganda access to clean water 

  • Reduced the infant mortality rate by 50% minimum—saving the lives of more than 2,000 children under 5 years old

  • Reduced the number of water-borne diseases by 95%

  • Reduced the time it takes to “fetch” water, freeing time for entire families to return to their normal daily activities, with a primary impact on women and girls 

  • Freed more time for children to go to school, especially girls


We Need Your Support Today!

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