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Operation Restoration

The only difference between a new well and a restored non-functional well is timing. Both communities suffer from lack of safe water. The receivers of a new well receive clean water for the first time. A repaired well has sometimes been non-functional for several years. Imagine once having access to clean water and then losing it because of a malfunctioning mechanical part. The result is the same: 1,000 people now have access to safe water.


Wells of Life works to not only drill new wells, but to restore forgotten non-functioning wells drilled by previous organizations.

COST: $4,000

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Why Do Wells Need Repair?

Like a car, wells require regular maintenance, which is why Wells of Life makes it a priority to restore older wells, no matter who drilled them.

Over the past decade of drilling and restoring more than 1000+ wells, we have learned that the viability and functionality of water wells is absolutely essential for the long-term health of a village community. Our wells are routinely surveyed and maintenanced.


Restoring Hope: Operation Restoration

Can you imagine the frustration of living in a community with a water well that doesn’t function? Community members briefly recall their excitement and joy when they first received access to clean water and then… the water is no longer available. As a result, villagers are forced to return to old habits of fetching contaminated and filthy water.


Such is the case for more than 1,000 villages in the District of Mityana, Uganda the primary recipient of Wells of Life services.

None of these wells were drilled by Wells of Life, but rather by the national government or other NGOs, some of them as long as a decade ago. Yes! A decade of no clean water when a well is located right in the middle of a community. 


In addition to a rehabilitated well, the community is also educated on how to maintain a fundraising process dedicated to well repair, and how to contact Wells of Life or a pump mechanic to ensure the rehabilitated well is restored within days!

Meet Team Uganda

Did you know Wells of Life has a permanent team in Uganda? Wells of Life learned early on that there was a benefit of employing a strong and successful team in Uganda.

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Clean Water Means

Time: It takes an average of 4-5 hours to find a water source, daily. (3-4 miles). With a well steps from home, people will gain back so much time.

Education: With parents focused on income, children are often tasked with gathering water, which means less time for school. With clean water steps from home, children can attend school without interruption. 

Opportunity: With their new found time, families can focus on generating extra income, spending time together, or attending school.

Empowerment: Empower communities with the tools they need to create a sustainable society. Empower moms with healthy kids, empower children with time for education.

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Restore Hope to a Community by Restoring a Well.

Did you know there are thousands of forgotten wells in Uganda? With your help, we can restore all of them! Wells of Life has restored over 350 forgotten wells so far. Give the power back to a community through clean water today by restoring a well.

COST: $4,000

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