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We Drill Wells

New wells can be the difference between life and death. Safe access to clean water creates sustainable communities.


When you give clean water you give time, opportunity, education, and empowerment. When a community receives clean water, they are given the resources of health, hygiene, and time to create a more sustainable society.

COST: $8,000

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Our Wells are Built to Last

When 51% of the population of Uganda is without access to safe, clean water it is surely tragic that up to 40% of wells drilled in Uganda wind up non-functional and therefore useless. Unfortunately, too many very-well intentioned drillers practice a “drill and run” strategy, not because they don’t care but because their infrastructure is not “Built to Last.”


Wells of Life has adopted a longer-term strategy intended to maintain the functionality of our wells for as long as 25 years. Although we assumed this strategy almost from the beginning we didn’t really understand at the time just how essential this practice would become.


Over the past decade of drilling and restoring more than 1000+ wells, we have learned that the viability and functionality of water wells is absolutely essential for the long-term health of a village community.

We have developed 3 keys to assure the sustainability of the water wells we drill

Permanent Materials

We begin by using more permanent materials such as stainless steel instead of cast iron or PVC for deep wells.

Longevity + Maintenance

We have contracted with an Area Service Provider (ASP) to oversee the long-term life of each well using a system of preventative maintenance to replace parts before they break down. However, if a well does break down it is repaired within 48 hours 80% of the time (and no more than 5 days, 100% of the time).

Routine Inspections

We assess every well we have drilled annually, with many of our wells being inspected several times each year.

Meet Team Uganda

Did you know Wells of Life has a permanent team in Uganda? Wells of Life learned early on that there was a benefit of employing a strong and successful team in Uganda.

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Clean Water Means

Time: It takes an average of 4-5 hours to find a water source, daily. (3-4 miles). With a well steps from home, people will gain back so much time.

Education: With parents focused on income, children are often tasked with gathering water, which means less time for school. With clean water steps from home, children can attend school without interruption. 

Opportunity: With their new found time, families can focus on generating extra income, spending time together, or attending school.

Empowerment: Empower communities with the tools they need to create a sustainable society. Empower moms with healthy kids, empower children with time for education.

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When you give Clean Water you give Time, Opportunity, Education, and Empowerment. 

When a community receives clean water, they are given the resources of health, hygiene, and time to create a more sustainable society.

COST: $8,000

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