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Legacy Circle Members

By committing multi-year support for operations funding, Legacy donation allow us to plan for the future, creating efficiency and stability. Our Legacy Circle Members provide more than just financial support—they’re also regarded as our most loyal supporters, our most visionary partners, and our most outspoken champions. 


Like every charity, we need visionary investors who believe in and support our business model, so we can stay focused on what matters most: transforming lives through clean water! Since we can’t offer the options for stock or the promise of a large payout to our generous investors, our Legacy Circle ROI is measured in the number of people whose lives are transformed by clean drinking water! That’s more than one million people and counting, thanks to their generous support of our work!


The Legacy Circle allows us to maintain our 100% Donor Model: 100% of public donations are reserved for drilling, maintaining, and repairing wells.

Wells of Life Legacy Circle Benefits

Become a member of The Legacy Circle and provide a gift that reinforces the efforts of our strong, sustainable organization. By joining our elite donor circle, your annual gift of $5,000 to $100,000 for five years will be the core of Wells of Life's future growth. As a member of The Legacy Circle you will receive the following benefits:


  • A personal quarterly update from founder, Nick Jordan

  • Advance notice and priority invitations to join the staff and board members on visits to Uganda to see how your support drives clean water and healthy villages

  • Invitations to exclusive Legacy Circle events, including the annual Legacy Circle Dinner

  • A handicraft made by an artisan from a Ugandan village with a Wells of Life well 

  • Limited Edition signed giclee by renowned Wells of Life artist Toni Danchik

  • Tenth anniversary limited edition photo record of Wells of Life achievements

  • Acknowledgement on Wells of Life website and in the Wells of Life Annual Report

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5 Year Legacy

Annual Gift Commitment: 2022 - 2026

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Unheralded Heroes

By: Charlie Hedges

Ugandan Liaison, and Legacy Circle Member


No personalized donation plaques. No photos of excited villagers. No glorious coffee table books.


In others words, The Legacy Circle has nothing to show others their commitment to saving lives or improving the quality of life for the “poorest of the poor” in Uganda.


So, why become a Legacy Circle Member? It certainly does not put you in the spotlight.


Yet personally, of all my opportunities to give to Wells of Life, my Legacy donation is the one I feel may be my most impactful giving. And my son, Austin Hedges, who provides the lion’s share of the donation, feels exactly the same way.


The funds that a Legacy Circle Member provides are the backbone of our charity. Those funds support our ability to provide essential services and support to assist the Wells of Life “people on the ground” in Uganda.


Unheralded, yes. Essential, a greater yes.


A deep heartfelt thank you to all our Legacy Circle Members and a gracious plea for anyone that may feel a calling to participate in this vital program.

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