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Over 70 Households in Nabugondo Village Now Have Access to Clean Water

Rose Nabakooza, 36, a resident of Nabugondo village in Kassanda district, remembers the tough times of collecting water from distant ponds and hauling heavy jerry cans back home for her family every single day. Rose, a mother of seven children, shared about this hard experience of lack of access to water in her community before the village received a clean water source.

“First of all, the ponds where we fetched water from were far away and dangerous to send children there without an adult to make sure they don’t fall into the deep-water pits,” said Rose. “I remember at one time we heard of a child they discovered dead; she had drowned in one of the ponds while she was there fetching water in the evening. The thought of it still haunts me, especially that I am also a mother.”

The water sources where residents collected from were always contaminated especially in the rainy seasons. This resulted in a high spread of waterborne diseases like typhoid and diarrhea mostly among children.

Fortunately for the residents of Nabugondo village, Wells of Life drilled well #635 in December 2021, in honor of MICHAEL A. WALSH Jr. (USA). Today the breathtaking sight of fresh, clean water flowing from the new well brings joy and lights up the faces of mothers like Rose throughout the village.

Charles Kasumba, 65, is a farmer, like most of the residents in the community. He is relieved because he can now easily irrigate his garden due to availability of sufficient water in the community.

“I no longer see my children fighting for food,” said Charles. “We harvest and cook enough because of improved yields from regular irrigation of the garden, even during dry days without rains”

Over 70 households today have improved access to clean water in Nabugondo village, thanks to Wells of Life. Well #635 has marked new beginnings of development and better living conditions in the community.

From education to health to opportunity, clean water changes everything. Check in to our website to learn how you can help bring clean water to more families like Rose's and Charles'!


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