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New Well Solves Water Crisis and Restores Harmony to Maggwa – Village A in East Africa

Claire Ochama’s happiness knows no bounds after Wells of Life drilled well #628 in her village, freeing her of her water worries. Her village, once plagued by disharmony due to fights over their limited amount of water, is now enjoying access to clean, safe water.

Claire is a 32-year-old mother of 3 children, who lives with her husband in Maggwa - Village A, Kassanda District. She spends her days taking care of her family, which often includes the difficult task of gathering water for the family’s daily use and consumption.

“I recall when I had to walk for almost half an hour everyday just to fetch water from a natural spring and at times had to wash our clothes in the same water point,” said Claire. “My back would hurt, but I had no choice. Sometimes, I had fights at the water source with other women like me who used to collect water, the water available in the spring was limited and we had to wait for it to refill, especially in the dry seasons,” she added.

Fortunately, in 2021, Wells of Life intervened to help solve the water crisis and restore harmony in the village. About 350 families, including Claire’s, now have sufficient clean water after Wells of Life, with support from THE GARFIELD LOGAN family, drilled well #628 in Maggwa - Village A.

During commissioning of the well #628, Claire’s face lit up with joy because water today is easily accessible to her family and the community.

“When clean water was brought to our community, it was the happiest time of my life here after getting married,” said Claire. “Not only me; my family, in-laws and friends are also happy because of good health with thankfulness for the clean water from this new well.”

With clean, safe water available in their homes, there have been many positive changes in the community. Water-borne illnesses are reduced, and now, women have more time for other activities, like participating in village meetings and gatherings.

From education to health to opportunity, clean water changes everything. Check in to our website to learn how you can help bring clean water to more families like Claire's!

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