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Residents of Lwangiri Village No Longer Have to Drink Unsafe Pond Water Thanks to New Well #623

To collect water for herself and her two children, 34-year-old Oliver Nakaweesa frequently had to travel two kilometers carrying heavy, large containers filled with dirty pond water.

Animals and some stubborn children used to dump their waste in the pond, the water really looked dirty and had a bad smell, but the pond was all we had to rely on for our water needs” said Oliver.

Thankfully, Oliver and residents of Lwangiri village no longer have to survive on pond water. In 2021, Wells of Life drilled well #623, as a dedication to TEAM DEISCHTER; CHARLIE & MAY, MARK and LORA. This new well provides access to clean, safe water to roughly 160 households.

Today, we have everything we need [in terms of water and hygiene] now. It is definitely much better than before,” said Oliver. “I have abundant clean water in my home and my children are healthier.”

Residents of the village shared about the impact that well #623 has had in the community.

Availability of clean water provides the right environment for a healthy life,” said Jane Nandege, 65, a resident of Lwangiri. “Even though we live in a remote village, we stay in clean homes and live a hygienic life because of the new well in our community.”

We thank Wells of Life for improving the health and water conditions in our village,” said Fred Nsaazi, 47, the Local Council I chairman of Lwangiri - Village B.

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