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Wells of Life Healthy Village Program 2021

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Team Uganda Activity Update - Keeping communities alive and healthy with safe water, toilets, and good hygiene.

Being able to live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment is a basic human right. For the children in Uganda, many schools do not meet the national standard for WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) which makes living in a healthy environment a challenge.

In 2018, the government of Uganda implemented the WASH criterion with the hopes of improving the facilities and schools throughout the country. Since then, Wells of Life has encouraged their very own Healthy Village Program that holds training sessions with the members of Ugandan School Management Committees implementing WASH.

In September of this year, the organization worked hand-in-hand with the District Education Officer (DEO), District Inspector of Schools (DIS) in Mityana and Kakindu Sub County to

implement a capacity-building initiative that provided in-person training to community members including head teachers and instructors working for the School Management Committee (SMC). With 46 participants, being both men and women, the ultimate goal of the program was to increase the knowledge of community members of the function of the SMC and how to effectively utilize the WASH program to increase schools' water, sanitation, and hygiene performance. As a result, 10 schools received development plans which facilitated the knowledge of WASH standards and the resources needed to make the program successful.

Wells of Life is thankful to the Mizigo community in Mityana for opening its doors so that it could further help schools and parishes maintain safety and access to clean water. For the nonprofit organization, it is essential to empower communities, support schools, and commit to sustainable programs that further fight the scarcity of water.

Wells of Life is committed to providing every child and family with a predictable, safe, and clean environment through the WASH Program. To learn more about the Healthy Village (WASH) Program with Wells of Life, visit our website at


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