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The Gift of a Lifetime

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Aidan Jordan and the Wells of Life Ireland celebrate the 100th birthday of Vincent Garvey by honoring him with a well built in Uganda

Wells of Life Ireland was established in 2018 as an extension of the Wells of Life teams in the United States and Uganda. Aidan Jordan, the Director of Operations for Wells of Life Ireland mentions that his major focus is to uplift the educational system in Ireland while fundraising for Uganda in an effective and transparent way.

For Jordan, the mission behind Wells of Life is personal. Both Aidan and his brother, Nick Jordan grew up in a less prosperous time in Ireland where their family experienced a lack of basic needs such as running water and plumbing. From personal experiences, Aidan Jordan understands how important it is to have access to clean water, and that reflects in his passion for Wells of Life.

One of the biggest reasons why Aidan Jordan decided to join Wells of Life is because of the ability to give. Earlier this year, Mr. Vincent Garvey celebrated his 100th birthday and as a way to celebrate the longevity of his

life, family and friends funded a well in Uganda on his behalf. Garvey has been an avid supporter of the Wells of Life branch in Ireland since its launch in 2018 and it is with the greatest feeling of generosity that the Garvey family and Wells of Life team were able to show their appreciation for his support while also providing clean water to nearly 1000 people.

While fundraising, Aidan Jordan and the Wells of Life team aim to exhibit transparency so donors like Vincent Garvey and his family are able to easily see the tangible effects of donating even just $5. Wells of Life differs from other nonprofits because of the ease in which donors are able to see the fruition of their donations. Donors, like the Garvey family, were able to see

the positive effect of donating by way of increasing access to clean water in Mityana. Soon after the well was drilled, Mr. Garvey was given a canvas and photo album filled with smiles that showed gratitude towards him, his family, and Wells of Life!

At Wells of Life, we are thankful for our donors and those who are continuously educated about the water crisis in Uganda. Donating is one of many ways to help-- visit our website or our November newsletter to learn about other ways to help!

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06 dic 2021

Wells of Life has helped a thousands ugandans from using duty water to clean and safe water as Ugandan i really appreciate what Wells of Life has done to the Ugandanz thank you for your kindness may God you people and all the donors

Me gusta
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