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Residents of Kitokolo Village Now Have Access to Clean Water

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Children of Kitokolo Village no longer have to spend their time traveling to fetch water and can instead focus on school

When their only well broke down in 2019, residents of Kitokolo village had to walk about 5 kilometers daily to fetch water from a distant pond. This journey to the pond posed serious dangers for children at Kizbawo Primary School, including 12-year-old Faith Nakito.

“We were forced to walk long distances looking for water… this would not only affect our academic performance, but also our health as water from the pond is dirty and unsafe,” said Faith. “Most children also frequently suffered from stomach aches and diarrhea due to drinking dirty and unsafe water.”

Faith lives with her mother and four siblings in Kitokolo village, Kassanda district. Her family faced many struggles ranging from lack of clean water at home to poor sanitation, all of which affected their health and well-being. She and her siblings would spend several hours fetching water instead of going to school.

“This situation had been challenging for so long, and at times I felt like giving up my education,” said Faith. “It also led to poor school attendance among us at school.”

In 2021, Wells of Life intervened in the situation of water scarcity in the community by

rehabilitating well #R123 in memory of BAILEY &


Today, Kitokolo village residents no longer have to spend hours traveling to fetch water from this unsafe water source. The easy access to clean water has improved the quality of life in their village by supporting their right to education and bettering the overall health and safety of the village residents.

We are so grateful to Wells of Life that clean water is available in our school, which improves

our hygiene,” said Faith.“We now spend more time on

our studies and free from enemies out at the pond to hunt us.

By restoring well #R123, Wells of Life has enhanced the provision of better education in a conducive clean environment to the children at Kizibawo Primary School.

Nelson Ongom (30), a teacher at Kizibawo Primary School, said, “We appreciate Wells of Life for restoring our well which has helped in improving child protection and children’s rights to education, through access to clean water.”

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