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Meet Julius

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

With the precious gift of clean water, 13-year-old student Julius is now overflowing with happiness.

Meet Julius, a 13-year-old boy who lives in Nkuubi village.

A bright and caring young boy who enjoys playing with his friends and spending most of his days outdoors. However, affected by the water condition in his community, Julius cannot live a carefree life as children should.

The beautiful green landscape that Julius is surrounded by is sometimes dulled by the community’s struggle to obtain clean water. Without access to safe water, he is normally burdened by the task of retrieving water for his family. Days that Julius should be in school are traded with strenuous walks to collect water at the nearest source-- which is ridden with bacteria and diseases.

“I lost count of times that I needed to use water but could not access it to brush my teeth daily, bathe and quench my thirst after playing soccer with my friends at school,” says Julius, tired of the water condition in the village.

Because of our donors, Daniel and Rachel Dickhut, Wells of Life was able to drill Well #542 in Nkuubi village. This will provide clean water to over 70 households and eradicate the dangerous walk children, like Julius, had to endure. The well does not only provide clean drinking water, but it also provides water for basic hygiene practices that can be taught and learned throughout Nkuubi Village.

After Well #542 was drilled, Julius no longer has to worry about missing school or not playing with his friends because of the inaccessibility to clean water. He and the children of Nkuubi can now focus on their studies and fulfill their dreams. For Julius, he aspires to one day become a vehicle mechanic like his father.

Thanks to you, our lovely donors, clean and accessible water is a blessing that those in Nkuubi village are able to enjoy. In gifting a well to communities like Julius', you are not only giving the gift of health but the gift of a worry-free life to children and many others.

“Clean water is a precious gift. Today, I don’t worry if there will be enough water to fill my jerry can.” - Sselwanga Julius, Nkuubi Village, 2020

There are many villages still waiting for clean water. Click here to start a fundraiser to benefit thousands of families in Uganda.


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