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Meet Luyima Joseph

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Luyima has come together with Wells of Life to provide clean water to Jemba-West Village

Luyima Joseph is the Head Teacher at Jemba Learning Center, one of three schools in Jemba-West Village, which

is located in Kassanda District. Luyima is a hopeful teacher that wants to provide a safer space for his students to learn. This means clean water that is accessible to students, staff, and those in the community.

Luyima is a husband and has 2 kids of his own-- Mukiibi John (6) and Luyima Joseph Junior (2), so he understands the blessing of a clean water source near schools. Those living in Jemba-West Village have slowly come together to build three schools in the village. However, none of which have a clean water source.

Students have to walk to Baale Valley to reach a water source-- a swamp which is shared amongst cattle, goats, and houses many illnesses. The unclean water is normally used for drinking and cooking in the school kitchen. Children travel for unclean water and quickly become sick due to the indigestible bacteria found in the swamp. This means that children suffer for days from diarrhea and typhoid and are unable to attend school. Luyima mentioned that even if the sick children decide to attend school, this means that 1 bathroom is shared amongst 160 other students. On days that children miss school, they normally spend time in the closest healthcare facility which is a 10-mile walk into Kassanda Town.

With over 20 million Ugandans living without access to clean water, Luyima was determined to make a change in his community, even if it was a small one.

When this story was made known to Wells of Life, we knew it was our duty to provide clean, digestible, and accessible water. Through our donors, we were able to drill a clean water source near Jemba Learning Center. Today, Luyima has noticed a drastic change in Jemba-West Village. Now that clean water is accessible, schools run more efficiently while providing water for staff, students, and the community. Many of the illnesses that were caused by unclean water have drastically reduced and there are more kids attending school to reap the benefits of education and a clean water source.

Because of your support, we can provide a community like Luyima’s, with clean, safe water that will remove many obstacles that stand between families and a healthy life.

To learn more about how you can help with clean water initiative in Uganda, click here.


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