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Kyato Village

I N T H E S P O T L I G H T : W E L L # 5 9 6

Kyato is a remote village in the district of Kassanda,

Uganda. For decades, the people of this community have

suffered from diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, and

other diseases brought by drinking dirty water. Without a

clean water source, residents had no option but to fetch

water from stagnant ponds and dirty streams around the

village. It had always been a feeling of uncertainty and

danger for the residents and children’s health in this


In 2021, Wells of Life, with support from THE ROTARY


well #596 in Kyato village.

Today, there is plenty of

cleanwater that is safe for drinking and use in daily chores tosupply the 160 households of the community.

“Today we have a new well in our village, water-borne

diseases will be a thing of the past. Reports of children

suffering from diarrhea and cholera are decreasing at

Luselegenyi Health Center III, where we all go for medical

care. We are relieved, thanks to you” says Steven Bbosa,

53, Local Council I Chairman of Kyato village.

The well is strategically located near Kyato Primary School,

where over 230 students will have safe access to clean water and better health. Community members now have an

opportunity for a bright future through time, health, and

education. Allan Kyeyune, 14, a pupil at Kyato Primary School says he goes to the new well at least 12 times a day, fetching water for his family because of the short distance between the well and his home. He says he is excited to be able to drink clean water after a football game with his friends on hot sunny days. He dreams of playing for the Uganda Football National team someday.

Martin Okello, 37 years old, says the well is providing him

with a livelihood ever since it was drilled in the village. Being a single father, he works hard to support his 4 children. With the help of his motorcycle, he fills clean water into 8 jerrycans and delivers them to households that are located far from the well at a fee of $1 for 3 jerrycans.

Stella Kakuuto, a mother of 2, shared the helplessness she felt when her children would grow sick due to their previous water source. Luckily, her children are thriving today and attending primary school daily. “Water is a basic necessity of life, our new well is giving us this basic necessity, thank you so much Wells of Life,” concluded Stella (pictured above).

Thank you Rotary Club of Laguna Niguel!

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