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5/7/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/7/21 Fri 9:39 PM Kampala Ops Planning Adrian and Pascal

Last night I dined with the entire Wells of Life Team at our hotel in Mityana. First impression of the team is very positive: they are motivated; capable, teachable, and strongly Christian. After a delightful dinner and introductory conversations, I gave a brief overview of the charity, our goals, the essential nature of Ugandan Ops, the role of the USA, and, very importantly, I presented the Wells of Life Code of Integrity in Ugandan Operations. The message was well received.

This afternoon Adrian, Pascal, and I met to review and determine direction, 3-4 year goals, WASH, Op Restoration, and Wells in Mityana, Kassanda, and Kabale. Our discussions are enormously detailed, trying to understand the benefits and liabilities of all our current and 3 year future operations.

Please…. Nothing stated below is in stone, but to give you an idea of our discussions, here is a brief list of our recommendations supported by data, which included costs (financial and leadership time required):

Do all our WASH programs for the next 3 years in Mityana, in areas where we have already drilled or rehabilitated wells. Then move on… possibly to Kassanda.

Create a list of items to research to determine new districts to begin work in 2024.

Take Kassanda from 54% access to clean water to over 80%.

Hire a 2nd Op Rest team so that we can complete 100 restored wells this year and increasing every year thereafter. Total cost of a new team with equipment will be approximately $9000. All this equipment will be used for years.

After hours of deliberation and manipulating spreadsheets we plan to recommend the cost of WASH to be $7500 ($4000 for a village and $3500 for a school). I had originally hoped for $6500 but my data was incomplete and our WASH program is very aggressive with a goal of being known as state of the art in saving lives, preventing illness, providing more time for work and school, and issuing menstrual pads.

Plans, costs, staffing, and building relationships in were discussed. We discussed a definite viability of doing a WASH program in Kabale as well if Mercy Works wishes to pursue such a venture.

Just to make Nick happy we decided to experiment with the village drill in Kabale, although it may not be until the 3rd year. Our intention is to drill all 10 wells in remote areas with the Village Drill.

Well, I am beginning to recover from the 10-hour jet lag, and I’m ready to work. First, it is near time for bed.

I was born for this ministry. The grace of God is truly immeasurable.

Charlie Hedges, VP Ugandan Operations, Wells of Life

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