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5/8/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/8/21 Sat 7:16 PM Kampala Ops Planning Adrian and Pascal

Charlie Hedges, VP Ugandan Operations, Wells of Life

Yes, the leadership team works on Saturday in Uganda. It probably has something to do with the VP in town. It’s not that I am a workaholic; it’s just that we have much to do. Friday and Saturday were on the schedule for Ops planning. So, we worked.

Work plans and schedules were created for all our disciplines. Plans for growth, districts to work in, budgets edited and created. We agreed on a staffing plan to complete 2021 and begin the tasks necessary to fulfill our 3 year plan.

The staffing plan guides us to do important, but not urgent, work. It takes a lot of pressure off Adrian while satisfying the goals of WOL operations.

Tomorrow is rest day. Important meeting are set for Mon and Tue morning, then off to the District of Kabale. Gorilla territory. Maybe I’ll get to visit. Not this trip.

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