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5/15/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/15/21 Sat 12:05 PM From Troos Hotel for Lunch

Adrian and I just met with Bishop Callist Rubaramira who is the Diocesan Head of the Kabale Diocese, with 7 districts and a population of 2,000,000 people. What a delight to find such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and cooperative bishop. His desire is to work as a team with WOL in drilling boreholes and possibly establish a WASH program (if reasonable),

Bishop Callist is committed to setting up highly functional Water Committees. Priests and local leaders will oversee these committees. Their goal is to ensure the maintenance of the well and the collection of 2,000 schilling per month per family for future repairs. In fact, he is the strongest advocate of community responsibility for well sustainability I have met outside the water sector.

Bishop Callist has assured Adrian that he will accommodate and feed our Compliance Officer for 4-6 weeks while the work is completed. If only we had this kind of high-level support our job would be much more productive in Uganda. Bishop Callist is a role model in Uganda.


In the afternoon we met with the management of MSR who is doing the lion’s share of our drilling in Uganda. they will travel to Kabale late this month to begin drilling in that distant region. The ED and Op Mgr were extremely knowledgeable about drilling water access points.

MSR has been in business in Tanzania and Uganda for 19 years. In 2020 they drilled 189 wells and so far this year that have completed 216 wells.

Most important they just bought (in April) a brand new rig with the thought in mind of taking care of WOL with the best equipment possible. Their goal is to maintain an engaging partnership of teamwork with WOL. I was very impressed with these men and their work as drillers is the best we have received in Uganda since we began work here.

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