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Who We Are

Wells of Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit faith-based organization whose mission is to provide rural Ugandans access to safe, clean water through the installation or restoration of sustainable borehole water wells and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) educational programs.​ Thanks to our supporters, our wells are collectively serving more than 1,200,000 people.

Solving the world water crisis is both the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity our world has today. With a champion, it is one cause that can be accomplished in the next decade... will you become that champion?

Nick Jordan. Founder


A million lives changed seemed like a far-reaching goal when Wells of Life drilled their very first well in 2010. Through a decade of steady growth, we hit that goal in 2022.


Each passing year, the foundation of Wells of Life grows stronger, as we expand across 3 continents - creating a world with safe access to clean water for all.


Since 2010, Wells of Life has drilled or rehabilitated over 1,200 wells across 30 districts of Uganda, Transforming more than 1,200,000 lives!

Lives Transformed

Meet Founder, Nick Jordan

Founder Nick Jordan began his journey with Wells of Life upon visiting East Africa whilst building schools. He quickly realized that this trip was more than an adventure, touring to see how other people live and perhaps provide a little impact along the way. Instead, he saw the devastation and sadness brought upon the community of children in Uganda who didn't have access to a basic human right: water. 

The global water crisis is heavily impacting nearly 785 million people today. Nick took it upon himself to transition out of real estate and fully into nonprofit work because he, like all of us at Wells of Life, believes that it takes intentional time, effort, and resources to help others. Since 2008, Nick has worked tirelessly to drill and restore over 700 wells in the Mityana district and now in other districts as well. 


Nick will tell you himself that as a child growing up in Ireland, he and his siblings would help their mother bring water from a well to their home as they did not have access to running water. If you can imagine, seeing other children in similar circumstances would be difficult for anyone. Though, for Nick, it really hit home. This is among the reasons why Wells of Life exists today. Additionally, it is why we'd like to grow our donor community -- sharing Nick's story as well as the lives that are transformed through each well.

Our Vision is to create a world in which safe access to clean water is available to all people.



Our Programs

Our desire is to improve quality of life, one well at a time. We offer 3 main programs for you to support: New Wells, Operation Restoration, and The Healthy Village Program. We also provide additional programs through partnerships with other NGOs.

We Drill Wells

A new well can be the difference between life and death. Safe access to clean water creates sustainable communities.

Operation Restoration

Like a car, wells require regular maintenance, which is why Wells of Life makes it a priority to restore broken wells - no matter who drilled them. We use the highest quality materials to restore each well like new.

Healthy Village Program

The 6-month training in village communities includes in-depth training and education on the necessities for sanitation & hygiene.

100% Donor Model

Donate to a well and 100% is reserved for drilling, maintaining, and repairing wells.

Take action. Give the power of clean water today.

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