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Wells of Life Raises over $220K for Clean Water in Virtual Run4Water Event

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES - Orange County nonprofit Wells of Life raised over $220,000 in its seventh annual virtual fitness fundraising event, raising the bar for future virtual fitness fundraising events.

“This was our most successful event in 6 years and we raised over $220K which is 10% above goal and will fund 55 wells.” Said Wells of Life Founder and CEO, Nick Jordan, who believes this is only the beginning of a brand new chapter for the Orange County-based global charity. “ These life-saving wells are drilled in one of Uganda’s poorest communities, where it is estimated that one in five children dies before ever reaching the age of five due to unclean water.

Because of generosity of sponsorship and donations from local community members and businesses (including Applied Medical, Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, Assured In-Home Care, PACE Advanced Water Engineering, Pedego Electric Bikes), Wells of Life is able to continue changing lives by pumping clean water for 1,270 people in Uganda.

“Incredible work.. Thank you very much for raising over $200,000 so that your brothers and sisters in Uganda may have access to clean water, something that's taken for granted in many other parts of the world. As a daily beneficiary myself from a WOL well, I have first hand knowledge of what a difference a dependable well makes within a community. Thank you to all who participated in our 2021 Run 4 Water event. You may not hear from every mother, father or child who draws water from these wells. I'll speak on their behalf and say ‘thank you for giving us hope for a better day.’" - Father Max Ssekiwala

About Wells of Life

Wells of Life is based on the belief that water is a basic human right and should be available to all people. Founded in 2008 on Christian principles, the worldwide nonprofit organization views access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene as the catalyst that drives change and transforms community life for Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Since inception, Wells of Life has provided wells that are currently serving more than 630,000 people.

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