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Wells for Well-Being: Operation Restoration

Operation Restoration Program implemented by Wells of Life restores 117 wells in Mityana District

Wells of Life is an Orange County, CA based nonprofit whose mission is to provide clean, safe and accessible water to those in Uganda. Through building and restoring wells, the organization transforms the lives of thousands of Ugandans who need it most.

For many years, Mityana District did not have access to clean, safe, and accessible water. This meant that Ugandans were suffering from waterborne illnesses that

hindered their daily lives as a mother, father, husband, wife, or child. Many wells in Mityana District that were restored yet abandoned by other organizations stopped functioning.

In 2019, Wells of Life coined the program “Operation Restoration,” which worked to restore wells in districts that Wells of Life operated in. Wells that were old, broken down, and not properly taken care of or functioning were fixed to bring water to thousands of Ugandans.

Wells of Life has recently restored 117 non-functional wells in the Mityana District. The nonprofit worked with the Mityana District Water Office to identify wells that needed to be restored. The restoration process includes replacing pumps, pipes, and connecting rods to make sure that wells are fully functional. Wells of Life also works to make sure that all pipes and parts of the wells are changed from galvanized iron to stainless steel to ensure that there is no rusting.

Another part of the restoration process is the ability to keep the wells functioning beyond the initial restoration.

Wells of Life adopted a preventative maintenance model of operation where after the well is completely restored and functional, there is an Area Service Provider (ASP) that will ensure that the wells are functional continuously.

Operation Restoration is effective, safe and allows Wells of Life to bring clean water to thousands of Ugandans without wasting material and harming the environment.

With Operation Restoration, Wells of Life and the Mityana District Water Office are providing clean, safe andaccessible water to Ugandans who need it most.

Visit our website today to learn more about Operation Restoration and how you can help beyond donations! Visit:

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