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In the Spotlight: Meet Amara

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

A stepping stone to a healthier, more prosperous life.

Amara Kisakye is a 13-year-old girl from Mugobwa Village. With dreams and aspirations like every other child, hers is

a little different– Amara wishes to have clean water for those in her village. Those who live in Mugobwa Village suffer from the inaccessibility to clean and safe water. Amara, along with many others in the village, suffers from waterborne illnesses that cause typhoid fevers and many other dangerous and serious illnesses.

Amara, a student at St. Jacob Primary School, has not been able to attend school because of the regular fevers she suffers from because of waterborne illnesses. Another challenge faced by those who live in Mugobwa village was the inaccessibility to health centers. The cost of medicine

and treatment was far beyond what a family could afford. Amara’s parents spent a significant amount of money at local hospitals and urgent care because of fevers, and other illnesses that are caused by unsafe drinking water. “For years, we have been drinking dirty water which has infected us with various kinds of waterborne diseases. Our parents were incurring a lot of money to get us medicated,” says Amara, hoping for a clean water source.

With a new well, it is a new chapter of life for those with clean water in Mugobwa Village. Amara and many others are celebrating the construction of the new well donated by Wil and Maggie Myers. “I will no longer get sick or miss class like in the past. I do hope that my school performance and my overall health status will improve very much,” says

Amara, who is grateful for the newly constructed well. Amara was not the only one happy to now have a safe and clean water source; Dorcus Nakimera, a mother of 1, is amongst the cheerful people in the village. While dancing and saying thanks, Dorcus adds, “Today, we rejoice the end of the sad days of sicknesses from waterborne diseases in our community.”

Thank you to our wonderful donors, Wil and Maggie

Myers, who have transformed

the lives of hundreds of people by donating Well #598, Wells of Life continues to help Ugandans because of your support.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can help a village gain access to clean and safe water.

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