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Grant Feasel

Wells of life Ireland Chairman Lou Metzger was happy to announce the dedication of a water well in Uganda to Grant Feasel. Lou grew up with Grant and his family in Barstow California.

Grants mother Pat Feasel on learning that a well was being dedicated to Grant sent a messageI just wanted to say again how honoured the Feasel’s are by you remembering Grant in this very special way. Just to think that a guy from a little desert town in California will have a water well dedicated in his name with a plaque in Uganda that will benefit 1000 people! Also, that a guy (you) from this same little town has made this his life’s work to bring wells of water to so many people in a foreign country’ I don’t know if you remember my father Herbert Gregory or not but his last years of working, he was involved in bringing water to people in countries around the world. My Dad was a driller for any years, first at the job of drilling for bedrock where a bridge or dam was to be built in different countries and even here in the USA. He told me once about how the native women in Madagascar would come and sit by his well digging platform and wait all day for the mud to settle in his run off water and scoop up the clean water on top. Most of the families there only had a 50 Gallon allowance for a month, so water was very precious. One time when he was home on leave, I was in the kitchen cleaning a head of lettuce and he stood there watching me and told me how that was not possible to do in most of the world. To have running water in the house and wasting it down the drain. Makes you stop and think doesn’t it.

Lou remembers, Grant was a wonderfully gifted football player. ‘I remember him best as a very kind, polite and funny guy who loved to laugh, and loved his family.’

Grant Feasel Football history below

Grant Earl Feasel (June 28, 1960 – July 15, 2012) was an American football center in the National Football League (NFL) for the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, and Seattle Seahawks.

Born and raised in Barstow, California, Feasel graduated from Barstow High School in 1978, then was a standout football player and a first-team All-America center at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. In 1997, he was named to the NCAA Division II Team of the Quarter Century

Six feet, Seven inches tall, Feasel played for the Baltimore Colts, Minnesota Vikings and six more years for the Seattle Seahawks.

Feasel died at age 52 in 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas. His family donated his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation. He was diagnosed posthumously with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease.

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