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A Message from Pat Rooney and Wells of Life Ireland

Hi, my name is Pat Rooney and I’m somewhere North of 40 & hopefully heading West on 29th May 2021 (Covid permitting) to climb Croke Patrick with 15 litres of water on my back in an attempt to raise some much needed funds for a great organisation called “Wells of Life” a non-profit Christian organisation whose mission is to provide rural Ugandans access to Safe, Clean Water through the installation or restoration of sustainable borehole water wells.


In rural communities throughout Uganda, people suffer from a lack of access to clean, safe water. Children in particular bear the burden of walking miles each day to find water in streams and ponds, full of water-borne disease that is making them and their families sick. Illness and the time lost fetching water denies these children of having an education.

Research in disciplines like neuroscience and psychology reveal that early childhood (the age group of 0-8 years) is a critical period during which the foundation of lifelong learning is built, 90% of all brain development takes place by the age of 6.

“Sustainable Development Begins with Education” -UNESCO

I’d like in some way to help and give these children the kind of experiences and opportunities my children have had and that they should have in their early years and enable them to have a positive impact not only on their personal / academic performance ,but also on a range of social and economic skills, quality of Education in early years is so important in preparing children for future roles in society and is essential to achieving and offering better livelihoods and reducing poverty.

Help Wells of Life help those who can’t help themselves by participating in The Long Path to Clean Water Croagh Patrick Climb

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