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5/9/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/9/21 Sun 7:57 PM Kampala First Day Off-Mother’s Day

For those who don’t know I am in Uganda for 3 weeks doing work for Wells of Life. Not only do I love it here but my time is very productive. Such a worthy use of my time!

Now on to my purpose: Happy Mother’s Day. Women are such a blessing in the economy of God and often go without notice. So many women play a demonstrative role in the coming of Christ and in His ministry of the gospel. I think of Hanna, Ruth, Mary the Virgin, Elizabeth, Mary and Martha, and a dozen others. Without women and mothers, we would not have the birth of the Christ.

And it was the women that financially supported Jesus and His disciples. I love the passage in Luke that says several women were with Jesus and the twelve “who provided for them out of their own resources.” The feminine side of God is far too understated in our male dominated culture. The image of God is both female and male, which obviously indicates feminine characteristics in the essence of the Divine.

Women have played a very influential role in my personal development. Starting with my adoptive mother, Aunt Billie and then being completed by my wife Pam. My most recent personal life coaches were women (and both were black women). The women in my life have dramatically altered the state of my soul.

On this Mother’s Day I give thanks to all women—women of the gospel and the women in my life.

Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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