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5/18/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/18/21 Tue 10:21 PM from Millennium Hotel

Oh, what delightful people you meet in Uganda. Everyone (and I mean just about everyone) is smiling and friendly. Last night Adrian, Pascal and I had dinner at a sort of “hip” little joint called the Aleph Café and Book Store. It was not crowded except for us and a group of about 10 people celebrating a birthday. Although the café was nearly empty Adrian and Pascal found us seats right next to the party. Ordinarily I would have preferred to sit a distance away, but my friends had selected these seats before I arrived. I am SO glad they did.

The party had hired a saxophone player to do a special 20-minute appearance during which everyone sang and danced and laughed. It was so fun to watch. As we chatted with some of the group I told them, “It is so fun to watch people having fun!” They all laughed, shared birthday cake with us and proceeded with their celebratory evening.

The loveliness of the people of Uganda. Such a very special people blessed with a gracious, kind, smiling manner.

And on, by the way, in the morning I met with Joseph Luzige, the former LC5 Chairman of Mityana, who always helped WOL in his District. But since he no longer holds office we limited our conversation to family and his future has a successful lawyer in Kampala.

Today Arian and I are off to Jinja (the source of the Nile) to visit Grace Orphanage, which the Hedges family has adopted, and then to visit the last school that Nick built before starting Wells of Life. The school is named after his sister, the Joan Jordan School.

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