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5/14/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/14/21 Fri 11:22 PM From Kampala on Trip to Kabale

Yesterday (Thursday 5/13) was quite busy in Kabale. Adrian and I met with the District Health Officer regarding WASH, the District Water Officer regarding wells, and the business secretary of the Bishop of the Kabale Diocese.

Perhaps the first note is that, according to Patience, the DWO, no wells have been drilled in Kabale in her tenure since 2019. The district is in great need of access to clean water. The topography of the region, with narrow and steep roads limits access, but we have selected well sites that our large rigs can traverse. The drilling of the first 10 wells begins end of May or first week of June. Our Country Director, Adrian Laurentieu is enamored with this region because of its beauty and acute need. We very much look forward to our work in this region.

The DHO, Health Officer, was very excited about the opportunity of a WASH program and has already promised the assistance of District Extension Workers. It is a matter first of logistics and then, of course, funding. Adrian, Pascal and I plan to work up a preliminary work plan to determine feasibility.

Finally, our meeting with Fr Lucian was very encouraging. He assured us of the support of the Bishop, with who we shall meet tomorrow.

The practice of collecting funds from community members for well maintenance will be managed by the diocesan priests and the natural leaders of the communities to ensure the viability of longer term sustainability.

In summary, in spite of distance from WOL HQs and challenging topography, the Kabale Diocese represents a totally Catholic Christian enterprise. With the assistance of the diocese and the Mercy Works Foundation we may have found a call of God. Acute need, delightful people, and district support make for an exciting venture!

Anyone want to donate a plane so I don’t have to drive 6 hours+? Haha

Friday Night Dinner with Ambassador

On Friday night Adrian and I and another couple had dinner with Dr. Mumtaz Kassam, the former Uganda Ambassador to Italy and Great Britain. The ambassador hosted us at her home with a lavish meal and enchanting conversation. Currently, she is a lawyer working on resettlement issues in Uganda.

Out time together was one of my highlights. Humble with the gift of hospitality, the ambassador is a treasure—a woman to model one’s self after.

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