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5/12/21 From the Heart of Uganda: Business & Personal Thoughts with VP, Charlie Hedges.

5/12/21 Wed 4:38 PM Kabale

The rumors of the beauty of Kabale are true. Surrounded by hills terraced for farming this Distinct lies right on the border of Rwanda and the Congo. It is here that we received a 3-year grant from Mercy Works to install 30 wells (10 per year) in an area that is in great need of water. The clean water coverage is terrible. The Catholic Charity (Mercy Works) is devoted to building up the health infrastructure of this (and surrounding) districts.

For that reason we met today with Dr. Martin who runs Our Lady of Good Health Hospital for a population of 85,000 people officially, but actually serves 500,000 people in need of medical services. Such is life in the Developing World.

Dr Martin informed me of several issues of water-borne diseases that only increased my commitment to providing access to clean water. Check it out: 30% of hospital patients suffer fro water-borne diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, and diarrhea. Serving 1300 patients per month, Dr Martin feels that the number of patients suffering severely would decrease by a minimum of 10% (130 people per month). This number does not include the thousands impacted by water-borne diseases but never go to a hospital.

The provision of clean water for Kabale and neighboring districts is strongly endorsed by the generous and committed physician and his colleagues.

Although Kabale is a 6 hour drive from WOL HQs, it is a most worthy effort. We are investigating providing a WASH program here as well, but the logistics may be prohibitive. But if it is in the mind of God, it will happen.

We visited 8 well sites today that have been tested by hydrologists and found to be strong candidates for our water well services. Adrian approved all locations. 3 more to go tomorrow with meetings with the District Health Officer and Water Officer. Then back to Uganda for meetings and strategic writing.

Until next, Charlie.

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