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We Remember the Elegance and Presence of Stephen Francis Carper

Wells of Life was honored to meet Steve Carper throughthe efforts of his sister Cathy Carper. She was at SundayMass and heard of the plight of the Ugandan people inUganda and the great work of Wells of Life.Unfortunately, Cathy passed away last March and left alarge donation to Wells of Life in her will. Steve, asexecutor of her will, presented us with this kinddonation and invited us to attend her funeral.

I attended and was privileged to say a few words of gratitude to herfamily for Cathy's generosity and to offer our condolences for theirloss.

As the Mass ended, Steve and his other sister, Maureen, walkedtoward me and Steve said: “More dollars will follow; our sister Cathyhas really inspired us!” Both agreed to meet over lunch. Steve and Maureen each funded a well on behalf of their family.

Little did we know that Steve was following so closely behind hissister Cathy. Steve's health deteriorated rapidly after Christmas.Marilu and I visited him in his home and blessed him with holy waterfrom Lourdes. He was so happy to see us. He died far too soon. Inthe short time I knew him he was a true gentleman who exuded adeep joy with a mischievous sense of humor. He was enthusiastic insharing his very successful business background with Nick and theteam. We are all the richer for having known Steve, his wife Caroland four adult children. May Steve rest in peace, and may his familybe comforted at this time.

In conclusion, I share this old ☘ Irish saying, "Our dead are not gonefrom us, they are gone before us.”

- Sr. Joan Hogan, CHF

Wells of Life Ambassador and Advisory Board Member

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