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"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains." Matthew 17:20

Wells of Life was founded upon hope, faith and the premise that clean drinking water is a basic human right for all people.

Orange County real estate broker Nick Jordan visited Uganda, Africa in November 2008 to tour schools built through his fundraising efforts. Taking the trip and seeing the schools had been a life-long dream, but he was struck with emotion and sadness when witnessing the country’s overwhelming poverty. Village women carried over 40 pounds of water several miles each day for their families. Young girls couldn’t get an education because they spent most of their days retrieving clean water. And worse yet, approximately 4000 African children and adults die each day - one in every 22 seconds - as a direct result of unclean water.

The experience in Uganda led Jordan to found Wells of Life and develop a water well system that sustain communities, allows time for children’s education and saves lives.

Since 2010, Wells of Life has drilled 250 water wells in Uganda where over 14 million people lack clean water. Their ten-year goal is to fund 1,000 water wells to serve 1 million people in Uganda’s poorest villages.

At a cost of $6000, Wells of Life drills a well that provides 1,000 people clean water for up to twenty-five years. All overhead is raised through fundraising and private donations, so contributors fund 100% of the well production costs. Wells of Life collaborates with schools, churches, individuals, families, businesses and corporations to fund the wells and a unique aspect to donor partners is a connection to the villages they are serving. Donors are sent photos of the specific villagers where their well was drilled.

A growing area of Wells of Life is their work in the classroom educating school children about the precious resource of water, grassroots fundraising and the value of community service. Wells of Life provides the vehicle for youth to serve as committed ambassadors at home and abroad for human rights that provides a cornerstone for developing character.

Wells of Life’s long-range objective is to replicate their successful model in surrounding districts of Uganda and other parts of the world where clean, safe water is lacking.

It starts with just a mustard seed of faith, but Wells of Life views the provision of clean water as the catalyst that saves lives, gives hope and revolutionizes communities overnight.


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