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I am a changed man and I think I will never be the same after my trip to the very rural areas of Uganda. The work of Wells of Life is powerful--giving clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people where 1 in 5 children die from drinking contaminating water--is a life altering experience.

Each of us on the trip was impacted powerfully, similarly in many ways and also with personal meaning. For me, this has to be the work of God, literally one miracle at a time--from the digging of wells to meeting with the Prime Minister who endorses our work to the impact we are making in schools and villages.

From my journal early in the trip:
"I only wish I knew personally the heart of people in Uganda. Acute poverty and yet warm, happy spirits. The children take away your heart with their playful attitudes. I learned some fascinating facts. (1) We may be the first white people many have ever seen—we have been in the boonies. (2) Since many have never seen a mirror they are unaware of their own image. When I showed them video of themselves, I found embarrassment, joy and charming pleasure.

The Ugandans are indeed some of the most delightful people I have ever encountered. It is a privilege to serve hand-in-hand with them in the presence of the Lord.

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