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This month's Donor of the Month highlights Mel & Vivian Trudell, the owners of Custom Comfort Mattress and ardent supporters of Wells of Life. They've donated multiple wells and they're also part of our Legacy Donor program. From the couple:

We got involved because through Wells of Life we saw the large need for clean water in the villages of Uganda. We realized how much we took our water for granted, just needing to turn on a faucet! Seeing how women spend their days walking miles for water and young girls not being able to go to school so they could help gather water was difficult to fathom. It convinced us that we needed to get involved. Even our small contribution can make a major difference in people's lives.

The most rewarding part for us is seeing the big smiles on the faces of the people in the villages of Uganda after they get a well in their village. To know that you as a donor were able to provide that improvement is very moving. Their faces let you know just how very appreciative they are for clean water.

We are passionate about helping kids! There is so much hurt and suffering many children go through in life that will affect their adult lives as well. If we can help them as they grow, it will help to give a healthy foundation for their adult life.

Drilling a well in a Uganda, an African country across the globe, that costs $6,000 can sound like a daunting task. However, when you hear about how many lives that one well changes and how many people are healthy now and for years to come because of clean water, it truly is a small price to pay.

Thank you Mel & Vivian. You're truly a priceless piece of our organization and together we'll continue to improve the lives of the people of Uganda.

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