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If I were to ask how many of you had experience with a water well growing up, I’m pretty sure the number would be small enough to be counted on the fingers of my left hand. The definition of a water well is “ a structure created in the ground by digging or drilling that provides access to underwater aquifers”. Wells were first constructed at least eight thousand years ago. Drilled wells can access water to great depths and are usually cased with a factory made pipe composed of plastic or steel. The skills required to drill a deep well can be acquired in a training program of less than three weeks. The equipment needed to drill a well of up to 200 feet deep can easily be towed behind a full sized SUV and costs about the same as a typical family car. Why am I giving you all of this information? Because now that you know what it takes to deliver a deep water well, I can share with you what your well will mean to a community.
There are hundreds of thousands of rural communities across Africa waiting in anticipation for someone to equip them with these tools and come to their aid. It's hard to imagine that in a world with so many great tools and inventions, a simple operation within the means of many families could bring life and hope to tens of thousands of people for decades to come. Sound far fetched? Not in the slightest. You see, more than one billion people are waiting for water, along with the freedom, hope and opportunity it would bring to their lives. They live ensnared in the grip of poverty brought about by lack of water. A water well is more than a means to access water,  it’s a symbol of hope and freedom from the chains of poverty. Approximately 4200 children die daily while there is clean, pure water underground in their community. Without the means to bring that water to the surface and the community,  it might as well be a million miles away in outer space.
A water well changes everything.  Now that you know how simple it is to set the wheels in motion, I'm hoping you will want to become somebody who strikes the rock of human consciousness, bringing forth the will to change the world for a community waiting to be freed from the tyranny inflicted on them daily from lack of water. Wells of life has two drilling rigs at work every day delivering one well each week to a community. Imagine what would happen if you chose to add one more drilling rig to our fleet of drilling rigs.  You would facilitate the gift of water to 50,000 people, knowing that the gift you gave has a more measurable effect than just about any other gift you could give.
So what if you had to sell a property, a few stocks or even one of the family cars to make that happen? Do you really think you would regret that decision at the end of your life? I think you know the answer to that. Wells of Life is in the business of bringing life, hope and the miracle of water to one million people. We invite you to join us today.

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