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Dearest friends,

The celebration of the Lord's resurrection marks the end of the Lenten desert, a period in which the human soul - just like that of Jesus after his own baptism in the Jordan - experiences a thirst for God's Word, gifts, strength and sustenance. At this very special moment in our spiritual life, five communities in our parish - St. John's, Katungulu, Kyengera, Kireeba and Kyato - are celebrating the gift of a new well, new beginnings in which their bodily thirst for clean water is no more. All this is due to the kindness & efforts of our friends at Wells of Life and their benefactors. Thank you. In Jesus' resurrection everything was made new! For the many souls that will ever draw from these wells, life will never be the same. Just like Jesus after the pains of the cross we, too, now begin to live a more joyous and healthier life that comes to us through a very decent and sturdy water well. We are very grateful to the partnership between Wells of Life and Fields of Life that have brought new life to us, and continue to do so.

And, in case you haven't noticed, the idea of bringing life-giving water to the people of Uganda came through a "Jordan"!!! How cool is that?

Happy Easter everyone.

Max Ssekiwala

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