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Wells of Life featured in Uganda's WASH Journal

Water and sanitation are not only

an essential for life and health but

they are also indispensable for

dignity, empowerment and prosperity; - they are human rights which are fundamental to every child and adult.

In Uganda, over 22 million people are

currently living without access to clean

water, more than 29 million people are living without access to improved sanitation, and about 2.5 million people are still practicing open defecation.

The most seriously affected are the

vulnerable people living in rural, hard to

reach places.

Now to aid in the water crisis affecting

the East African country, Wells of Life a

member organization of the Uganda Water& Sanitation Network (UWASNET) has for the last 10 years been at the forefront of transforming lives of underprivileged Ugandans through providing free Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services.

First well drilled by Wells of Life at Aderolongo Primary School in Otengo community, Kwania district in 2010.

Celebrating A Decade Of Improving Rural WASH Services Wells of Life’s journey started way back in February 2010, when it drilled its first well. The well was setup at Aderolongo Primary School in Otengo community, Kwania district (a former sub county cut off from Apac district). After a modest beginning of delivering only

12 wells by 2013, drilling began to increase exponentially for their charity and by July 2020, they had drilled in excess of 550 wells thus providing access to clean water to rural communities in 15 districts of Uganda including Mubende, Mityana and Kasanda.

In 2019, Wells of Life’s achieved their biggest milestone as they funded their 500th well, initiated their hygiene and sanitation program that reached 22,000 families across 20 villages in Mityana.

The Civil Society Organization also has an operation restoration program that deals with rehabilitating existing non functional wells . So far they have rehabilitated over 100 wells non functional wells in different parts

of Uganda.

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