Volunteer Operations Executive Assistant

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Volunteer Operations Executive Assistant


Role/scope of work: Work with managers and other staff members to ensure that administrative tasks are completed and that the business functions efficiently. Make phone calls, provide customer support, and complete paperwork as needed. 

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  • Assisting the Director with operational tasks. 

  • Scheduling Meetings and team building sessions as needed. 

  • Promptly answering the questions of staff and other stakeholders. 

  • Preparing and filing pertinent paperwork. 

  • Assisting with intern recruitment and onboarding processes. .

Skills needed/proficiency: 

Provide support to the operations department in several primary areas: operational and administrative assistance, file management, database management and reporting. Responsible for representing the organization through communicating with staff and advisory board, and providing interpersonal communications skills.


 The volunteer could assist on a specific project, or join Wells of Life for a longer term. 


  • High school diploma or equivalent. 

  • Previous administrative experience. 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Organizational and interpersonal skills.

Additional Notes: 

The operations executive associate will support the job functions and administration of the nonprofit organization including the operations department. The operations executive associate will be responsible for maintaining communications with the director of operations and organizational team members.


Remote, preferably based in California​

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