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Volunteer Copywriter


The ideal candidate is a creative team player, talented wordsmith, and grammar sleuth. You will be responsible for developing program copy and communications content that will separate us from the crowd. 

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Role/scope of work:

Provide support to the communications department, specifically in the areas of copywriting, content creation, and program collaborations. Performs entry level duties related to the support of content writing. Reports monthly on successful media posts, written pieces, and conducted research. 

Skills needed/proficiency: 

  • Collaborate with internal partners to interpret project briefs and develop relevant concepts into content

  • Ensure that all products are proofed and ready for delivery or posting

  • Prepare files and concept boards for client review and presentation


The volunteer could assist on a specific project, or join Wells of Life for a longer term. ​


  • Knowledge of search engine optimization, nonprofit organizations, computer software proficiency, and time management skills.

  • marketing or copywriting experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail

Additional Notes: 

The copywriter will support the job functions and administration of the nonprofit organization including the communications and creative departments. The copywriter will be responsible for maintaining communication with the marketing team. 


Remote, preferably based in California​

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