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I came away from Uganda realizing that many of us think that we must "have" in order to "be". Do our possessions define us or is it our humanity?

The people of Uganda, especially the children, offer a stark contrast. By our standards they have little or nothing but that does not limit their innate value or capacity. Their exuberant joy at the prospect of clean, clear, running water is the very definition of identifying an essential and moving everything else down the list. The reality of their need and our willingness to provide enabled me to feel the linkage to our common brotherhood. In addition, the natural law of balance was visible in their gratitude in return for our generosity.

On a personal note was the visit to and dedication of my mother's well. It mirrored the event of her burial in Colorado when on an otherwise clear day, thunder, lightening and a heavy but brief downpour occurred. It seemed to me a dramatic communication of an approving Nature, a sign from above that she and her Creator were pleased with how we honored her life as mother and teacher.

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