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When we got to Kimbejja, it signaled the arrival of well #8 in another community that had significant water needs. The hydro-geological survey placed the well close to a widow's home who is living with one leg due to an accident she had earlier on in her life. To many of us this was divinely providential & we were all very happy for her. The drilling went on without incident and after about 10 days, 7 pipes of 10ft each were sunk in the well. The community was very cooperative in the whole process. They thanked the drilling team with the gift of a chicken, to help replenish their energies after a job well done.

Although a basic human need, water still remains something that impacts our lives in very dramatic ways. The spirit in all the communities that have received a well has changed!! People seem happier, friendlier and are bonding in the activity of establishing a well in ways they don't usually find themselves. The joy we are all experiencing cuts across ethnic, religious or tribal lines and what I see is the strengthening of the human family as it should truly be. I pray that more people commit their financial resources to the mission of Wells of Life because these wells give us much more than water. They are strengthening communities.



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