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The Miracle that began earlier this month in Father Max's Kkungu parish in Uganda is in full swing.  We have been receiving updates and photos from Father Max as the drilling of the wells has progressed over the past two weeks and we'd like to share the stories here with you.  The joy, the hope, and the magnitude of the gift these clean water wells represent to the thousands that will be impacted are truly an inspiration for all of us and the tangible difference we are making, one well at a time.


MARCH 23, 2016 - Father Max Kireeba Well #5

Dearest Team,

We hope well #5 will be completed Thursday March 24. This has been a challenge ... but the end is in sight and we're thankful. The team hopes to return to base after casting, to replenish supplies and get ready for well #6 next week in Kiguude village.

I was in Kalaata, Kyakiddu & Kimbejja communities for the initial sensitization & information seminars. I was particularly pleased to do these meetings with Bridget Mbajjo from Fields (in brown skirt, work scarf). Her words effectively echoed the need to welcome and take care of the well like one would their own child. Teamwork, vigilance, respect of all well users regardless of tribe, gender etc... were values that were communicated in various ways. On Thursday March 24 we'll visit Mugobwa, Narozaali & Kabosi - 3 new communities that will soon start their own journey towards clean water. 

I'm attaching a picture from our meeting in Kimbejja. A blessed Triduum. Max


MARCH 19TH - Father Max KIreeba Well #4

Dearest Team,

After a hearty lunch in Kyengera, we set off for Kireeba - 8kms away. We got there around 2.30pm and the people were excited and happy to see the drilling team from Fields of Life. The proposed drill site was about 1,000 meters away from the main road. An evaluation of the access route was necessary by our drivers before the trucks could be brought there. On arrival, the curious crowd helped in unloading the trucks. We are currently waiting for the morning for the drilling to begin.

The choice to provide "clean water to those most in need of it" as Wells of Life's field of interest has enabled me to witness how life changing this can be. Most communities in Uganda have a long way to go when it comes to having many conveniences in life that people in many countries take for granted. We can wait on many, but people surely should not be made to wait a minute longer for clean water. The excitement I get to witness as we move from one village to another almost seems like people have just been granted another opportunity to take another breath of fresh air. Just as we don't have to wait for oxygen to live, we should not wait too long for a glass of clean water to survive. In his book "The Hole in the Gospel" Richard Stearns says "it does not take billions to make a difference". I'm truly experiencing it first hand in the work Wells of Life is doing for many people in our communities. If only more people could jump on board.

The next 2-3 days will bring the miracle of clean water to rural Kireeba. May God continue to abundantly bless all those who have, in whichever part, made this possible.

Father Max



MARCH 17TH - Father Max Kyengera Well #3

Dear Friends,

These were some of the scenes when our friends from Fields of Life arrived in Kyengera village. The wait was finally over & it was truly a joyous moment. It was electric!! People's lives are changing quickly ... and for the better. The team is putting its final touches on the well in Kyengera and, I suppose, in about 6 hours we'll be on our way to Kireeba. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you very much for making it happen.

Happy feast of St. Joseph ...

Father Max


MARCH 16TH - Heading To Our Next Sites

Dear Friends,

We are heading to Kyengera & Kireeba communities for drilling. These 2 are some of the more removed villages from our parish headquarters (22kms & 26kms respectively) but with significant water needs. I can't wait to share their joy at this life changing event of getting all the clean water they need in their villages. Of course I'll share as much of it as I can with you.

I wish you God's peace.

Father Max


MARCH 12TH - Father Max Kkunga Well #1 & #2

Hello Wells of Life family, Greetings once again.

Yes, we have two brand new wells here!! UNBELIEVABLE. I have tears in my eyes even as I write this ... tears of joy, of course. The first well near St. John's parish went down to 60 meters (over 200ft) and the drilling could not have been more perfect. Everything went by the book. The second well, on the other hand, was beset with all kinds of challenges. The mostly sandy soil was very porous and it collapsed twice around the rig. The determined Fields of Life team attempted a third drill & were able to strike plenty of water on Friday March 11 at 40 meters (about 130ft). The well was completed today (March 12) after which the whole team returned to Kampala for supplies. We expect them back in our area beginning Tuesday March 15 with more supplies and another compressor. Father Max






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